Alex Potter

Marketing Consultant & Branch ManagerBoldon Office

Alexandra Craig

Payroll ManagerAll Offices

Amber Atkinson

Accounts AssistantAll Offices

Andrea Basham

Sales & Lettings AdvisorSouth Shields Office

Andrew Craig

Managing DirectorAll Offices

Anthony Hall

Mortgage AdvisorAll Offices

Beth Paterson

Sales & Lettings AdvisorJarrow Office

Brenda Beadling

Senior AdministratorJarrow Office

Cara Smith-Lennox

Lettings Specialist AdvisorSouth Shields Office

Charlotte Craig

Partner / Head of MarketingAll Offices

Charly Reed

Sales & Lettings NegotiatorJarrow Office

Chelsey Robinson

Mortgage AdvisorAll Offices

Claire Venus

AdministratorSunderland Office

Danica Beech

Sales & Lettings AdvisorSouth Shields Office

Danielle Stubberfield

Senior Sales NegotiatiorAll Offices

Danielle Watson

Sales & Lettings AdvisorSunderland Office

Danielle Yare

Property ManagerLow Fell Office

Darren Temple

Marketing ConsultantSouth Shields Office

David Heron

Senior Property ManagerLow Fell Office

Debbie Sinclair

Head of SalesAll Offices

Denise Brown

Property Management Department ManagerLow Fell Office

Donna Reay

Accounts AdministratorLow Fell Office

Eileen Hanson

Sales & Lettings AdvisorSunderland Office

Ellie Brown

Junior AdministratorGosforth Office

Emilly Smith

Low Fell Office

Emma Gray

Sales & Lettings AdvisorGosforth Office

Emma O'Reilly

Sales & Lettings NegotiatorSouth Shields Office

Gemma Rose

Sales & Lettings AdvisorLow Fell Office

Georgia Taylor

Team LeaderAll Offices

Gill Ellis

Lettings Specialist Marketing ConsultantLow Fell Office

Gillian Thompson

Marketing ConsultantLow Fell Office

Hayley Cooper

Sales & Lettings AdvisorSouth Shields Office

Heather Longstaff

Sales & Lettings AdvisorFulwell Office

Jack Dykes

Branch ManagerLow Fell Office

Jackie Anderson

Branch ManagerSouth Shields Office

Jade Walker

Compliance & HR OfficerAll Offices

James Stevanovic

Technical SupportJarrow Office

Janet Richardson

Branch ManagerGosforth Office

Jasmine Simpson

Property Management AssistantLow Fell Office

Joani Cook

Inventory & Check Out ClerkLow Fell Office

Julie Hall

Senior Sales & Lettings AdvisorBoldon Office

June McPherson

Accounts ManagerAll Offices

Kady Crossley

Junior AdministratorFulwell Office

Karen Corrigan

AdministratorLow Fell Office

Kate Whiteside

Sales & Lettings AdvisorAll Offices

Kathleen Noble-Newton

Mortgage AdvisorAll Offices

Linda Connolly

Marketing ConsultantFulwell Office Sunderland Office

Lorraine Smith

Accounts ManagerLow Fell Office

Louise Humphreys

Sales & Lettings AdvisorSouth Shields Office

Maureen Nichols

Branch ManagerFulwell Office Sunderland Office

Michael Currey

Accompanied ViewerLow Fell Office

Michelle Pattinson

Senior Sales & Lettings AdvisorJarrow Office

Molly Smiles

Junior AdministratorSouth Shields Office

Natalie Meldrum

Assistant Property ManagerAll Offices

Nathan Greenwood

Junior Marketing ConsultantJarrow Office

Nicola Capstaff

Sales & Lettings AdvisorAll Offices

Sarah Craig

PartnerAll Offices

Sarah Ek

Marketing ConsultantGosforth Office

Sarah Forster

Sales & Lettings AdvisorGosforth Office

Sholynne Walker

Apprentice Property ManagerAll Offices

Sophie Easton

Senior AdministratorAll Offices

Steven Roscoe

Protection AdvisorAll Offices

Trevor Taylor

Accompanied ViewerGosforth Office

Vicky Stott

Mortgage & Protection AdviserFulwell Office