We offer two options for properties being sold at auctions. Each property will be noted whether it is being offered for sale under Option 1 or Option 2.

Option 1

  • Traditional Auction
  • Immediate exchange on fall of the gavel the buyer pays a 10% deposit (minimum of £3000) which comes off the purchase price
  • Buyer pays an auction administration fee
  • Buyer legally committed to purchase
  • Seller legally committed to selling
  • 28 days to complete *unless changed within the Special Conditions

Option 2

  • Designed for the private residential house purchase
  • Buyer places a £3000 non refundable deposit which is taken as part payment of the house price (not an additional fee)
  • Buyer pays an auction administration fee
  • 28 days to exchange contracts (time for buyers to obtain a mortgage) then a further 14 days to complete

The Auction Process

  1. Search
  2. Search through all of our properties up For Sale by Auction by clicking on the search icon at the top of the page ^ and selecting Auction Properties or click here. The Auction Catalogue will be finalised on the APA website a couple of weeks before the next Auction.

  3. Viewing
  4. We recommend that you view any property that you are considering bidding for. You can take along with you a builder or surveyor for advice.

  5. Buyer Information Pack
  6. If you are considering bidding for a property, you should request the Legal pack from APA and ensure that you thoroughly read and understand it and any other associated documentation available online, and take proper legal advice accordingly.

  7. Arrange Finance
  8. With completion being within 28 or 56 days for auction properties, we recommend you arrange your finances before bidding for a property. You can buy a property at auction with a mortgage, but this must be able to go through within the timescale.

  9. Registration
  10. Before the Auction you must register with APA on their website, and accept their auction terms and conditions to be able to bid.

  11. Bidding
  12. Our Auctions are currently held online meaning you can bid from the comfort of your own home or office. When the auction opens, you will be able to place bids in line with the predetermined bid increment levels, using the bid increase (+) and decrease (–) buttons provided. Having set your preferred bid amount and clicking the ‘Place Bid’ button, you will be asked to confirm your bid at which point it will be placed.

  13. Successful Bid
  14. Congratulations! You will now have between 28 and 56 days to complete on your purchase. You will now have to pay your deposit and you must provide evidence on how the purchase will be funded.

  15. Sales Progression
  16. APA will progress the sale for you through to completion.