Not sure whether to offer virtual viewings of your home? Here are our top benefits of virtual viewings...

The phrase 'virtual viewings' is a term used to describe a video or 3D walkthrough of a property taken by either the owner or an estate agent. Whilst Virtual Property Tours have been around for a few Years, virtual viewings have mainly been introduced in the past couple of Years due to the Pandemic and Lockdown. Andrew Craig offers both

Virtual Property Tours - Our professional videographer visits your home on your chosen day and films an approximate 3 minute HD film of your home, which may include Drone footage where possible

Livestream Viewings - We book your property in for a live stream viewing, send the link out to prospective buyers and tenants, and then we attend the property on the scheduled day, and broadcast a livestream viewing via the Gavl app.

  1. Convenience - Prospective Buyers and Tenants can view Virtual Viewings that have been recorded 24 hours a day without having to leave the comfort of their home. Potentially allowing more people than usually possible to view your property.
  2. Safety - Virtual viewings allow multiple viewings without having to allow multiple people into your home - saving yours and their safety by eliminating the risk of spreading covid-19.
  3. Efficiency - They reduce the amount of 'wasted viewings', by showing prospective buyers and tenants the property without them having to actually view your home, so they can see in more depth if the property could be suitable for them and we will then only bring serious buyers/tenants into your home for a physical viewing.
  4. Saves you time - You no longer have to spend each day that you have viewings tidying and cleaning your house so that it looks its best for viewers, we will take a video on one chosen day that can be kept for other viewers and so you only have to prepare your property once. You also don't have to wait around in the house for your viewings.
  5. Fast -  instead of waiting for physical viewings the applicant can view immediately (if already recorded) or within a couple of days for new listings.

For more information or to ask us any questions on Virtual Viewings, contact us on 0191 226 1222